Friday, December 14, 2007

google alerts

In the previous entry, I mourned the passing of Floyd Westerman.  He's been ill for a long time, and I hadn't been able to find much information about his condition on the Internet.  So how did I find out in such a timely manner that he had passed away?  After all, he wasn't famous enough to make headlines with his illness and death.

There's a program called google alerts that will help you keep track of anyone you're interested in who might make the news, but not in a big way.  If they're appearing anywhere in the country, or if there's an article mentioning them, and it's published in a paper... you'll get an email with a link to the article.

If you follow big-name acts, you have no problem keeping up with them online.  But I have an interest in several little-known folk artists (Iris Dement for example), and I like seeing what they're up to, all over the country.  It doesn't have to be singers, just anyone who, once in a while, makes the news.

I learned about this through an Iris Dement Yahoo group I'm a part of, and thought I'd pass it on.

Google alerts.  Just go there and type in your email address and the name of the person in whom you're interested.


suzypwr said...

I had used that once a long time ago - I had forgotten about it! Thanks for reminding me :-)


breakaway1968 said...

Very interesting...I learn so much by reading journals! :)

helmswondermom said...

This is neat!  I didn't know about it.

gen0507 said...

Oh, that's neat!  Thanks for sharing.


schoolgal040 said...

I love Google Alerts! The greatest thing. Of course I'm a little prejudice because I love just about anything Google comes out
I am sorry to hear about the passing of Floyd Westerman.

Take care,

isabetty said...

Alerts- We love Iris Dement and are glad to find out a way to help keep track of her doings. Really like the journal