Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Get that Zest glow from head to toe

Cliff and I have purchased Zest soap exclusively since before 1970.  There was a reason for this brand loyalty:  It's been our fortune, living in the country, to be blessed with water from a well.  This has turned out to be, in our case, hard water.  In two different locations where we've lived.

Zest lathered when other brands of soap didn't.

Sad to say, this is no longer true.

I just finished reading THIS ARTICLE on Wikipedia, and it reminded me of so many things about Zest.  It tells how the commercials used to proudly say that they were not soap.  Now they boast that they are soap.

You see, Zest is no longer the product we've used for forty years.  Proctor and Gamble has changed the shape and the smell.  Zest doesn't lather any better than the other brands. 

I hate it when somebody decides to fix something that ain't broke.

I guess it's time to start looking for a new brand of soap.

Wish me luck.



sharonna1955 said...

i like Zest too ...good luck in your search

exptmircle said...

I changed to Irish Spring. I like the way it lathers up.  

robinngabster said...

I hate it when they do that too!  Too bad you didn't could have stocked up.  I hate thinking you and Cliff aren't as zestfully clean as you once were.  LOL

gaboatman said...

Good luck in finding a new soap hat beats or matches the old Zest!  I used Zest on the country farms of my relatives in Lousianna as a child.  They all used water from a homemade well or captured it in cisterns or both.  The smell of the old Zest soap always flooded me with good memories when I encountered it.  Sad to hear that they tinkered it out of existence.

ora4uk said...

like you...if it ain't broke....leave it alone....but sadly...that is never the case...always gotta try to best the other guy!!!  sheesh...hugs...and good luck...Ora

nanlynska said... mom used to go through 'changes' with JCPenney.....she'd find a bra that really fit her good, and that's the only kind she would buy. For years it was the SAME style etc. for her.
Then one day she goes in and....NO bra! (of her preference that is) She would go hunt down a clerk and inquire about the disappearance....only to be told..."Sorry Ma'am that bra is no longer being made".
Mom would just be in a 'state' for a few days. Then she would go back to try and find a suitable substitute for her favorite. All the time muttering..."don't fix something that ain't broke!" Guess we all get set in our ways don't we? LOL Thanks for the chuckle this AM.

gen0507 said...

Good Luck....let us know what you find.


loisontheweb said...

    This reminds me of a funny story about why I started using ZEST:
On a trip ... in a grocery store, out of curiousity, I just had to pick up that chunk of Limburger cheese to see just how bad it smelled thru the wrapper.  IT WAS HORRIBLE; THE SMELL CAME THRU ONTO MY FINGERS.  Since I couldn't cut my fingers off ... & didn't want people to wonder what part of me stunk so bad ... I went to the gas station next door to scrub my hands.  THEY HAD ZEST SOAP THERE; IT ERASED THAT AWFUL SMELL COMPLETELY!  I then became a ZEST fan.

mutualaide said...

We used ivory soap growing up but when I moved here I moved to Zest as well.  Same reason, hard water well.  Now I use Oil of Olay body wash ... and Softsoap liquid hand soap.  Both lather nicely and I guess we're as clean as we ever were.