Saturday, July 21, 2007

I think I'm about "cabined" out

Last night, again, I slept at the cabin.  Third time this week.  As usual, the solitude was great, the campfire lively (I'm almost out of wood, but Cliff has more, cut and stacked).  Don't ask about the corn bread in the pie iron.  I don't care for black corn bread, but Sadie ate the black parts and I ate the inside part with my fingers, like some starving hobo. 

I slept well, and awoke at 4:30 this morning to the realization that I didn't want cabin coffee.  I wanted easy kitchen-coffee, sipped while surfing the web.  So I waited until there was some daylight, and Sadie and I returned to civilization.  That's an advantage of camping out within walking distance of your house.  Tired of camping?  Walk home!

Our motorcycle is at Hub Cycle shop having new tires put on it, and should be done by 11.  Cliff is going to mow our alfalfa, which is more weeds than alfalfa, thanks to our late hard freeze.  And then he's going to go help his brother, Phil, work on a tractor, which will probably take him past our favorite Pizza Hut around noon.  So, Sadie and I will probably go along, since she loves to go to "Unkie Phil's", where it's so isolated that she can run free.   She's knows the routine, and remains quiet in her carrier while we eat.  She knows she'll get a couple of bites of pizza crust when we're done.

Tomorrow we still plan to go pick up the new bovine addition, Meat Loaf.  I'll make a video when we unload him, so you can see Secret's reaction to the first cow she's seen in months. 

I wonder if we can squeeze a motorcycle ride in there anyplace?  Doesn't sound too promising.

Oh, I have a new wireless router.  So many of you were happy with Linksys, I bought that brand this time.  I am not even going to touch it; I'm letting the daughter have first try at setting it up.  Directions on the box look fool-proof, but I remember the experience with my last router.  No thanks.


sugarsweet056 said...

Your cabin sounds divine. :)
Have a good weekend.

lorinokla said...

how exciting! Secret's gonna be happy :)

Have a great Saturday and enjoy your pizza

lanurseprn said...

I still laugh out loud at the name "Meat Loaf!" LOL! You are so funny Mosie! Hope you have a good day. I'm looking forward to seeing Secret's reaction to Meat Loaf. And vice versa!

ktkamanski said...

Your day sounds like a wonderful adventure! Looking forward to the video of Meat Loaf and Secrets first meeting - They will probably be the best of friends - Let hope for the best! Enjoy your day and take care!

bookncoffee said...

Yes we have Linksys too which is what Best Buy recommended.  Yum, pizza sounds good.  

luvmort said...

Can't wait to see the Meat!