Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Tale of Three Deeres

Cliff and I have gotten rid of a lot of our tractor collection.  Three of the remaining ones are John Deere tractors, and two of those are the most-used on the place.

So Cliff will say something like this:  "I'm going to mow with the John Deere."

"Which John Deere?" I'll ask.

And he'll specify.

It happened again this morning, and I said, "Cliff, we have to find names for each tractor so we always know which one we're talking about."

Here's what we came up with:

Recently acquired classic lawn tractor, "Little Johnny".

The old primered-but-unpainted 520.  We'll probably just call her "The 520".  Cliff is raking hay with this one as I type.

And the current work-horse of the farm...

"The Jap-Deere", because these modern John Deeres are made in Japan... at least in part.  I stole this name from the Tractor Tales message board, by the way.  There are many other terms I've learned on that forum, some of which I would hesitate to use, most found in the Taler Dictionary.

That picture is over a year old; it makes me rather sad to look at it because, in order to move in with us recently, Arick had to get rid of that pit bull.  I know that was hard for him.


ktkamanski said...

Great names for great toy, I mean work horses! Hope your enjoying your today!

marainey1 said...

As long as they all have a use , it is a 'deere' thing that you have them all I guess.  I really only thought one needed 1 tractor.  Little did I know for sure.  'On Ya' -ma

lorinokla said...

cool names for the tractors :)

when I was a kid we called our Father's BigRed.

lanurseprn said...

I never thought you'd ever need more than one tractor. But, I'm a city girl here.

cgtperkins said...

Great idea to name them!! Good choices.

luvmort said...

"Jap-Deere" is ringing a little PC incorrect to me but, then again, I don't really think you need to worry about it, living where you do.  I haven't heard the Japanese people reffered to as "Japs" since watching old WWII footage on the History Channel.  
And I guess the plural of Deere would take an "s" although it sounds funny to say "Deeres".  
They look like fine tractors for a fine family!

ksquester said...

Mosie, Please visit Judi Heartsongs journal and enter. You are the reason I kept journaling.  You express yourself well and you are interesting.   Just think about it, OK?????    Anne

mutualaide said...

The weekend just past, I was in Hallowell, Maine for an 'Old Hallowell Day' parade.  There was only one tractor entered in the parade, but it was an old John Deere ... don't ask ... I don't know ... all done over and shining so nice.   You and Cliff immediately came to mind.  :)

randlprysock said...

I like the names you picked for each one... my husband would love to have those.  We have a commercial Toro.  Hugs,

ryanagi said...

Ouch. Mort is right. "Jap" is not a good word. It's a racist slur. My husband is half Japanese and grew up with classmate taunts of "Jap" and "Chink" (from the especially stupid). It's like the "N" word to African-Americans.

I know it's a generational thing. My Dad still occasionally uses the "J" word. He grew up during WWII and it was as common as saying Nazi for all Germans (and I am of German decent - adopted by Irish Catholics).

Still love ya Mosie, so don't sweat it. I know you guys don't mean anything negative by it. :-)