Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thanks, Rachel!

The daughter came over and got my wireless Internet up and running, so I'm a happy camper.  I've figured out one reason she's so much better at doing stuff like this than I am:  Patience!  During the installation process, something would stall out and Rachel would sit there and wait as long as it takes.  It did take longer than I expected.

My laptop can be used in the house and yard again now; I still have AOL on it, so I might make an occasional visit to the old chat room in the morning... all things AOL have been taken off this one, my main computer.

In less that an hour we'll head east to get Meat Loaf.  I hope we make the trip with no problems; it's about a two-hour drive one-way.  I wish there were a way to haul a calf behind a motorcycle!

Anybody want tomatoes?  I have them by the bushel right now!


sugarsweet056 said...

If I had a way, I'd get a bushel of those tomatoes!!!!
Take care, have a safe trip to get Meat Loaf.
Glad you got your computer sit up like you want it. :)

madcobug said...

Glad that Rachel got your wireless set up. I hope you don't have any problems getting Meat Loaf home. Secret sure is gonna be surprised. Helen

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you got your computer all sorted. Good luck with Meat Loaf (still laughing at that name! HA HA!).  I hope Secret isn't afraid.

mawmellow said...

Can't wait to see the new addition to your family.  Yum, I haven't had a homegrown tomato yet this year.  Sounds wonderful.  I've used Linkysys for a long time and I think you'll be very happy with it.  I certainly am.  Have a great day.  

lorinokla said...

way to go rachel!

I am jealous, I want wireless internet too.

magran42 said...

Our tomatoes are being devoured as fast as they come off.  We're eating them three times a day.  Congrats on the wireless.  How do you handle the glare when you're outside?

ktkamanski said...

So happy to hear all is well. Looking forward to meeting Meat Loaf - Hope your enjoying your day! Look forward to your video of the meeting!

jctopaz55 said...

Hi Mosie,
  Wow, that is great that your daughter got your wireless working again. She must have tons of patience working with that. Cant wait to see Meat Loaf.!! Cute name. Secret is gonna be so surprised !! As for all those tomatoes...wish I was close to you... I love them. I have had some home grown tomatoes to make a sandwich with and they were soooo good . Nothing like them.  Take care and have a wonderful day.


plieck30 said...

i can even eat lunch meat with fresh tomatoes. The tour when You picked up Meatloaf looked interesting. Paula

bnanajm said...

Do I want tomatoes?  Silly rabbit----wish there was a way to get them.


helmswondermom said...

I want fried green tomatoes!

luvmort said...

I'd love 'em but, the Jersey tomatos are in and I had my first tomato sandwich last night!  My gods, my mouth had an orgasm!