Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh my goodness

I've mentioned before that the oldest grandson, Arick, is living here temporarily.  I had hoped he'd save some money, staying here almost rent-free.  That hasn't happened.

However, he really hasn't upset my life-style, either.  And Cliff absolutely loves having him here. 

Yesterday, though, we had a little bump in the road. 

Cliff was sitting in his easy chair reading a catalog; he reached over to lay it on the arm of the couch, and exclaimed, "What the hell is this?"

It was a white, powdery substance wrapped in something like saran wrap, laying right there on the couch-arm.

I unwrapped it and looked at it closely; I thought about sniffing or tasting it, but I was afraid to.

We fumed and fretted.  Cliff said, "You find out what he has to say for himself when he gets home tonight; if he admits it's some kind of drugs and it's his, I want him out of here before I get home from work!"

So Cliff headed off to work, leaving me to deal with my grandson.  It was a couple hours later that Arick came through the door, looking weary from a hard day's work.  I decided to confront him quickly and get it over.  I made sure I had my internal B.S. meter running wide open.  I picked up the item, held it toward Arick, and said, "Do you know what this is?"

"Yeah, it's BC Headache powder; it's the only thing that helps my toothaches."  And he went upstairs and got the box to show me.

Oh.  I cranked up my B.S. meter for nothing.  I hate when that happens.

(Arick's recently got dental insurance from his employer, so we spent the next few minutes hunting up a dentist for him.)


fowfies said...

OH BOY! I have to laugh...cracking me up. I knew what it was before I saw the second picture...but they should label those individual packets shouldnt they? Lordy how many shades of red is Cliff gonna turn from embarrassment! Did Arick pick up on what you thought it might have been?

tendernoggle said...

I thouht it was a GOODY POWDER...they come in the same lind of wrapper!!! That is the only thng that will help me when I have one of my bad headaches!
Bet Cliff's face is red! lol
love ya,

starstarj said...

LOL Reminds me when I worked for a maid service. My co-worker was doing Goody's every morning. I told my boss I thought she was doing drugs. I had never seen Goody's headache powder before lol.

lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad that's all it was!! Whew!!

helmswondermom said...

Oh my!  I would have been so nervous and anxious, waiting all day to confront him about it.  I think I would have just collapsed when he showed what it was.  I'm glad it was nothing bad.  Hope he gets a good dentist.

ktkamanski said...

Oh thank heavens!!! I know I had major problems with my teeth before they got fixed and I used the same thing! It was the only thing that took the pain away! So happy to hear he's finally gonna get this taken care of! Turn the BS meter off for now Gram lol (nothing wrong with being prepared). Take care of you and yours always!

robinngabster said...

Yep I knew right away what it was...we call it BC powders...a friend introduced me to it awhile back.  It works great but tastes horrible.  And, it does look suspicious.

marainey1 said...

I know you were very happy on both accounts--grandson and cabin.  For you it's a special place with time to yourself.  I'm on my own all the time so I go and visit my campers for my special time.  We all need it--where ever it may be....
'On Ya' - ma

siennastarr said...

Donna, I would have thought the same thing, if I had found what you did!  I'm glad it turned out to just be BC powder and nothing worse!


madcobug said...

Ken takes quite a few Stanback for headaches and they come in those little packets. Helen

woodmotorsports said...

Holy Cow..I thought everyone knew what BC was. Hell, if you didn't you should because nothing kicks a headache faster. He may have found out about them down here because we keep some in every vehicle.

lorinokla said...

omg! I can see how the BC powder might be confused w/ coke or maybe even meth

whew, I am so glad that is all it was.

Once when my best friend and I were 16yo, we borrowed her dad's new car (we both worked at resturants) and went to a movie after work, we changed clothes inside the car. L had oregano or a similar seasoning in her pockets and it spilled in the seat.

The next day her dad confronted us about it being pot. We laughed so hard when he discovered it wasnt weed he was more mad us for getting hysterical over his mistake.

at 16yo we didnt even know what weed looked or smelled like, I guess we were late bloomers.

geocachelinda66 said...

Better to be safe than sorry!  Linda

lacaza3 said...

too funny!i like the way cliff dump it in your lap to
donna In TEXAS

cgtperkins said...

I would make sure that is what it is.........hopefully he isnt lying. Why would he have it in saran wrap though???
Best of Luck

luvmort said... a nightclub worker, I knew that right away.  There are things I know about now that I never even knew existed!  Illegal substances are usually in little plastic baggies or folded up paper but, not as nice and neat as the folded paper you found.  That was obviously machine folded and drug dealers are not that...umm...precise.  LOL!  I use the powered BC too.  It's great for quick headache relief.  

magran42 said...

Would you have posted this if the outcome had been different?  Just wondering what I would have done!