Sunday, July 29, 2007

A flock, or a herd? (And air fares)

Some of you have asked how Secret and Meatloaf are getting along; well, they're doing fine, and so is the rooster in the background, who accepted the new addition just fine, thank you.  I never had any doubts about the calves bonding.  Cattle don't struggle for supremacy the way horses do.  Oh, there's usually a leader in the group, but they always seem to get along just dandy.

I've been looking at airfare prices this morning.  I really, really want to visit my sister this year when she's at her winter home in Texas.  Now, I can fly round trip to Dallas out of Kansas City for $140.  Or Washington, D.C., same price.  I could do Chicago, round trip with three nights at a hotel, for $399.  But to fly to visit my sister near McAllen, Texas, the cost is $353!  Good grief, I could fly round trip to MAINE for $288. 

However, I believe this year I will make a visit to my sister's winter home a priority.  I'll see her a week from today, have her help me decide on the best time to visit, and go ahead and purchase my tickets early.  Before anything comes up to interfere with my plans.


marainey1 said...

There is just nothing that can replace a sister that's for sure.  I'm glad you will be seeing her and yes, book that flight soon !  I know I could never replace my sisters, thankfully they live close by.  One is right next door !  'On Ya' - ma

bnanajm said...

I think that's a great idea and of course a trip will always give you something special to look forward to.  I hope you decide to go.


ickivic said...

Secret and Meatloaf are beyond adorable.  Make your reservations , what a wonderful visit to look foward to.

lanurseprn said...

Your cows are so cute..and that rooster struttin' in between them cracks me up!
Hope you get to go on your trip! That sounds nice.

rollinghillsides said...

I'm glad Secret has a pal to hang out with.   You haven't mentioned Libby in so long Mosie, do you still have her?   You used to make so many entries about her back when you were working with her and all.  Did I miss something?   Have a good week, and I think it's great you plan to make a visit to visit with your sister.   Judy

ktkamanski said...

A match made in heaven! Have you checked out Southwest Airlines- they usually have some of the cheapest fares? Take care of you and yours - Hope all things fall in to place!

lmitc89854 said...

I'm not sure your sister would like to drive further but maybe you could get a better price flying into Laredo or San Antonio.  I just got back from San Antonio and had a terrible flight on American!  They lost my luggage both ways! (and found it )  To be fair, all airlines were having trouble and were late because of flooding everywhere. And they delivered my luggage to me the very next day.  My airfare from MCI to San Antonio was $269. online.  (changed planes in Dallas)

luvmort said...

Well, you don't have twelve or more cows so, it's not a flink.  Could be a kline.  With the bird there, though, it could be a dissimulation or a parcel or pod.  Since it's a rooster, then it could be a brood, chattering or a clutch.  Mixing the group does present problems.  
But if they were prostitutes, it'd be a stable.