Thursday, July 26, 2007

the tune to "Texas Plains"

Believe it or not, I found somebody singing "Texas Plains" on Youtube.  I won't say I'm crazy about the version, but at least those of you who wondered can hear the tune.  Click HERE.  You'll even hear the yodeling.

Let me say to the two who commented on my calling our newest tractor a "Jap-Deere", I meant no disrespect.  If you knew how much Cliff loves his tractors, you'd know we wouldn't call his main work-horse by any name we felt was derogatory.  Anyway, I apologize for using a word I had no idea was politically incorrect.


ktkamanski said...

When I heard this version it instantly reminded me of my grandma (God love her and her music) - I'm with you I think I prefer you and your version better! Have a good one,

cgtperkins said...

Ah.....I didnt think you meant anything bad by it!!

luvmort said...

I'll leave it to my imagination.  

magran42 said...

It's the intent of the heart that counts!  I grow weary of all the political correctness that we are allowing to crowd our lives.  Why can't people just take things as they are intended and not make mountains out of molehills.  Sure there are mean spirited people but you are not one of them!

nanlynska said...

Did you ever consider the name kamikaze? LOL Don't know if it's any more PC than the other. But it makes for an interesting name for a tractor made in Japan these days.