Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why yes, I do have a MySpace page

I originally set up a simple MySpace page so I could browse others' sites there, look for local people and so forth; let's face it, it's mostly a "kids" thing. 

That's still my main reason for being there; you can tell I don't spend much time on MySpace by the fact that I only have sixteen friends listed.

If you have a MySpace page and want to be my "friend", you'll find the link on the upper left under My Favorite Sites.  Let's face it, sixteen friends looks pretty pathetic, especially since two of them are my children, one is a step-daughter, one is a former neighbor, and one is a kid I used to babysit thirty years ago. 



amy122389 said...

woohoo!  I'm gonna friend request you!  Err...once I figure out how to navigate my daughters' computer....LOL


loisontheweb said...

  FINALLY GOT CAUGHT UP ON READING YOUR LAST FEW ENTRIES: it will probably take another 10 minutes or so to load the whole cowbell video.
  How lucky you are to have a CHOICE of wonderful things to do ... & that Cliff is so much a part of these.
   I followed your links to the DEXTERS ... interesting!  Tell Cliff that if that mower would fit my John Deere 730D 3-point hitch, he can send it up here.

zosche973 said...

So do I! LOL Yes, it IS for the young, and got talked into it about 3-4 yrs ago
by Chris's friends and 'then girl' Kim, and don't ask me how I aquired so many
'friends' cause I don't know! I will swing on over and see if I can add you, here's
my url from ~Diane~

luvmort said...

ryanagi said...

I can't remember if I added you as a buddy in the past. I'll have to go check! I probably go on MySpace as often as you do. LOL!