Sunday, July 29, 2007

Studying vacuum sweepers

I decided to see what sort of bargains I might come up with on Ebay and Craigslist (by the way, never mis-type Craigslist by leaving that first letter "s" out.  You'll get a porn site!  Forewarned is forearmed).

You can imagine my delight to find that Ebay has some wonderful tips on various brands of vacuums.  Click HERE to see info in Kirby sweepers, and HERE to read about Dyson.

When I was having so much fun with the Kirby salesmen the other day, I told them I was going to use them in a journal entry, and they joined in on the humor of it.  I had no idea at the time what I'd say about them or their visit, except that I'd give them a good review.

As I sat down to type my entry after they left, I mentioned some of the prices the guys had mentioned to me in that entry.  Jeremiah figured his bosses would be impressed with the good review I intended to give them and told them how to find my journal (go to Google, type in My Country Life).

When his overseers found the prices in my journal entry, both salesmen were in deep doo-doo, because the Kirby folks don't want people to know the price of their product until they've seen it perform. 

Hey salesman guys (I know you don't have Internet, but...) you have my sincere apology.  I do hope I didn't cost anyone his job.

And please, you supervisors and bosses at Kirby, I have to tell you this:  All it takes is a few trips to Google and you'll find your prices are all over the Internet, put there by well-meaning people just like me (type in the words "salesman price of a kirby").  I even found one article explaining all the techniques the salesmen use, and why.  Google will also make you realize that there are a lot of happy Kirby owners in the world.  If you simply read the comment section of my entry about the salesmen, you'll see some hard-core Kirby owners there, some who are now on their second one.  People  who say they definately ARE worth the money.

So if you Kirby people happen to be monitoring my journal, please tell me Jeremiah didn't lose his job on account of me.


nay0114 said...

Awww... hope he didn't loose his job either. I guess they don't get on the net much you can find EVERYTHING on there with prices.
Glad you pointed out the fact that everyone was pleased with the product regardless of the price. That means a lot.
Take care, Chrissie

marainey1 said...

The best kept secrets are not secrets any longer, thanks to the internet.  If they decide to punish these guys, they'd have to reprimand those on the net first.  I think it is great being able to shop around for prices.  I did that when I got my washer and dryer last year.  At least then I knew what was a fair price and I love the ratings on things. It helps in a big way to make a decision with what brand you want to go for.  'On Ya' - ma

randlprysock said...

Yes those Kirby vacuums really are nice... I agree though, a little high priced.  They last forever though and can be rebuilt.  They have a solid reputation.  I also like Hoovers.  Have had a few Eurekas that were good.  And I love certain dirt devils... the ones with the amazing suction bagless power.  Hugs,

luvmort said...

Dahling, I told you before, Craigslist (with the "s") is a porn site, too!  Just don't go to a few of the "offerings".