Thursday, November 4, 2004

remember "some folks"

Here's a poem I just wrote.  For you English majors, I realize there's some inproper grammer here.  Sometimes I pass up the King's English in favor of a good rhyme.

© copyright November 7, 2004
Donna Wood

The sky was dark and steely-gray.
The wind was bitter cold.
It was the sort of autumn day
That settles in your soul.

The furnace in my house clicked on
And caused me to remember
That some folks face each coming dawn
With no heat for November.

It's often hard to make ends meet,
And yet, we muddle through,
While some folks live out on the street...
No place to go home to.

My husband kisses me goodbye
And then, to work he'll go,
While somewhere, some folks sit and cry...
No one to love them so.

My knees hurt, when I climb the stairs
There's whining in my talk:
But some folks are in wheel chairs
And just wish they could walk.

Half the world is lacking food
And can't get decent rest.
Dear Lord, forgive my grumpy mood:
Remind me I am blessed.



barbpinion said...

This is a nice poem. *Barb*

plieck30 said...

Very meaningful poem. Paula