Sunday, November 7, 2004

getting more corn

We picked up more corn yesterday, and it was a so-much prettier day than last week.  We'd had more rain since then though, so it was still about as wet as before.  We had one more boy with us, the twins' cousin, Ryan.  The boys had begged to take the four-wheeler and a little garden-tractor trailor down; I think they just wanted opportunity to ride the four-wheeler, but anyhow, Cliff catered to them.  They took turns bringing the loads of full buckets to the trailer and dumping them in.  Once we got on the back road, all three got a turn at driving our pickup, too.  When we first unloaded the four-wheeler off the trailer, I turned Mandy loose, and she went wild!  I have to keep such close tabs on her here at home to keep her from running away that freedom is a rare treat for her. 

That speck you see behind and to the left of the four-wheeler is Mandy, running for all she's worth to keep up.  We really don't have a lot of storage space for this corn of questionable quality, and we only have two pigs to feed.  So we probably won't get any more.

Shortly after we got home, Rachel's family arrived.  We ate taco salad and just enjoyed the rest of the day.  Brett and Monica kept the two computers hopping in Amber's absence (she was to start work today, I'm anxious to hear how she made it).  Shortly before I went to bed, Natalie, Monica and I IMd and web-cammed Rachel (my daughter, their mom).  All in all, a lovely day.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been a nice horseback ride.  I spent some time grooming Blue, anyhow. 


bookncoffee said...

Sounds like a busy day but fun.

barbpinion said...

A busy day, one that probably leaves you pleasantly tired at the end of it. Nice entry. *Barb*