Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Kim, the owner of the horse I was dreaming about in an earlier entry, has decided to keep her Arabian.  That doesn't stop the dreaming, though:  She told my daughter that there are pretty decent horses are selling at the Kingsville Sale for $300 and under.  Of course at an auction, you are buying a "pig in a poke".  But if you ended up with a lemon, you'd just return it to the auction and probably get most of your money back.  So, the "second horse" idea is on the back burner, but not forgotten.

I had a wonderfully peaceful two-hour ride yesterday evening.  I had forgotten the time change, so it was almost dark when I got home.

We humans sometimes attach ourselves to the silliest objects, or at least I do.  I have two essentially worthless items which, if lost, would throw me into a panic.

This poor hat is the only lasting thing that came from my husband's sister's second marriage.  I believe her (drug-dealing) husband's brother was working in Alaska and sent this to them one Christmas, back in the early 70's.  Somehow I ended up with it, and it's the only stocking cap either Cliff and I are comfortable with; you can see a speck of paint there, probably from Cliff's painting one of his old tractors.  I'll bet this hat has, atop my head, been shoved into a warm cow's flank hundreds of times as I hand-milked in the winter.  I check E-bay sometimes, trying to find its match; recently I even ordered a black, Alaska cap there.  But it's like any others we've tried, and crawls around on our heads.  There have been past winters when I couldn't find my "lucky hat", and fell into a panic until it turned up.

This is the checkbook I've carried since about 1971; I would have been twenty-six when a teenage friend, Tom, made it for me when he was into leather-working, putting my initials on it.  Tom's dad owned the butcher shop where Cliff worked at the time, and he's been in and out of our lives often, over the years.  He gave my son his first job in a grocery store he owned, and when RB Rice closed and left Cliff out of a job, Tom put him to work doing concrete construction and odd jobs until he found another job.  As years go by, I become more and more attached to this checkbook.  I once took it outside to pay the feed man and laid it down on my chore-cart; the geese I had at the time got hold of it, chewed on it, and broke the stitching, and I had to ask Tom to re-stitch it.  It almost put me in tears when I saw what those stupid birds had done to my "lucky checkbook".

Does anyone else have some silly, useless possession you can't live without?   


bnanajm said...

What about the horse that was with Blue when you bought him?  You had mentioned that they seemed to be pals.  Would that horse still be available?

I have a pair of grey kidskin gloves that I love because they are not lined and are perfect for grabbing hold of the cold steering wheel in the winter.  They have the imprint of my fingers in them and are no longer grey but a sort of dirty-yuk color and once I had absently mindedly put them in the glove box.  Who ever puts gloves in the glove box?  I had a fit till I found them.  I drove with no gloves rather than wear woolen ones or ones with linings.

ora4uk said...

I have always said....doesn't cost a dime to dream.....!!!!!!  and Mo those are interesting stories about your keepsakes.....I cannnot say I have or ever had anything of that nature....guess that comes from being in the Army and moving so much...didn't have space or weight to keep too much....oh I say...interesting stories.....

toonguykc said...

Most of the prized possessions I valued are gone because I left them behind to my parents who only valued memories of my two sisters.  Oh well.  I am rather attached to a jeanjacket from 1987 that is tattered and worn beyond recognition.  A few years ago I put it on -- and was saddened by how small it had become on my big frame.  I tossed it on one of the chairs where it became an instant attraction to my big, fat feline.  She loves to sleep on it.  I now value it more just because she likes it.  I get a very warm feeling remembering the good times I had at KU while wearing it -- and I get a very warm feeling looking at Joan curled up and enjoying it now.

sam7md2 said...

Yes, I do.  It's a handwritten note that was left on my refrigerator one morning by my first husband many years ago that reads:  "Sam, Sam, I love you.  Without you life would be dull, there would be no sunshine, no rain, no snow, no wind, no bullshit.  All my love, all my life, Sherman"  Now, ain't that something!

ryanagi said...

I love this entry! I am such a pack rat. I have many many things I can't bear to part with...favorite books from my childhood, an old jewlery box, stuffed animals. It's endless. :-)