Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Free things

Cliff used to work for a fellow named Tom who had several enterprises going at once:  one of these was a small-town grocery store.  The ladies who showed up to buy only the weekly specials, often with coupons in hand, he called "bargain biddies".  Sometimes that term applies to me, because I LOVE a "freebie".

Don, a man in our town, and an acquantance of Cliff's from his present job, recently bought two four-wheelers: a big one for himself and a small one for his little boy; and also a killer dirt bike (motorcycle)... all brand new.  He has no garage space for these items.  He and his son came out to ride in our pasture and hill-climb in our "canyons", and he mentioned his lack of storage space; Cliff told him he'd be glad to let him park his goodies in our shop.  Don was so happy about this arrangement that he told Cliff to ride them any time he wanted; in fact, he said, he'd love to have the dirt bike "broke in".  So, Christmas came early for Cliff and the next-door twins, and didn't cost us a dime.

Another freebie I'm happy about:  long-time followers of my journal might remember the cornfield-fire my horse and I came across in September.  There's a series of thirteen pictures taken on my exciting ride that day HERE.  Well, the cornstalks burned, leaving lovely ears of field corn lying in the field to waste.  I found out who owns that field and asked permission to pick it up; I'm sure there's enough there to feed our two pigs until they're ready to butcher.  We'd only have to buy protein to go with it, so they'd grow properly.  At first the farmer said he intended to pick it up himself.  But I guess with all the rain we've had, he decided he'd have no time to do it, and now he's granted us permission to take it.  Cliff and the twins will be down there to get it as soon as the mud dries just a little.  Oh yes, I LOVE a freebie! 


csandhollow said...

I like the freebies too! Good job on the corn!!!!

ksquester said...

They look happy, don't they, but give me Blue anyday!  Anne

barbpinion said...

freebies come in handy. I'm sure GOD is responsible for a lot of them. I know He is responsible for many of mine. Love the photo. *Barb*