Monday, November 8, 2004

My lovely 42 acres

Mandy and I went out in the back pasture to enjoy this day; here's a shot of the view from my nice sunny spot on the ground.  Whatever those little red berries are on that brush, goats love them!  I used to take my last goat out to the edge of the woods and she'd eat those things till you'd think she would burst.

Some of my friends have inquired about how our calves are doing, so I took this shot.  The amazing thing is, they are two months apart in age; look how nearly the same size they are now.  As you can tell by the milk on the muzzle of the one on the right, I interupted her meal.  To see how small they once were, click HERE.


lacaza3 said...

Beautiful my boys would go hog wild on that much land. We live near dallas and our house takes up most of the yard I hate it no place for the kids to play. We lived in the country when I was a little girl and I loved it... great memories.
Oh you have a great first name HA!

Donna In texas

boodotte said...

Man Mo, just what my heart needed to see today!  I just love the digital shots you take.  Since I've been gone sick for a while, I had fun catching up on your journal posts.  I just love it when you add the "click link" stuff.  Anyway, so good to be up to reading you again.  And I'm sooooo glad you're doing poems again.  Oh for the old days when there'd be a poem a day in my mailbox and maybe a mail or two with links back to old postcards or historical sites.  We've had some great times on these ole puters.  There's many good times left to come too!  So, cya's good to see and be seen again!  Boo

boodotte said...

Another thing......I may need to pick your brain sometime re digital cameras.  I'm near ready to make a jump to buy one, but boy is the market overflowing with them.  For all I know on the subject, they may as well be nuclear bombs.  I'm outta here now.....Boo

spurgins311 said...

Yes...this is beautiful Missouri. Love the gorgeous pictures of your farm. It just looks so peaceful. I see all the leaves are now off the trees? They are here is St. Louis too. It is getting chilly here~to me chilly is 40 degrees! But, actually today it is 55 degrees, so it is a heat wave.
Sharon :)