Saturday, November 27, 2004

the movie I'm in

When I first started journaling, I decided to see if there were any local folks keeping a blog, so I did a search in AOL Journals by typing in "Kansas City".  I came up with a stay-at-home dad who, shortly after I discovered him, quit blogging; some disgruntled person doing an expose of Kansas City politics (boring); and ToonguyKC.

Toonguy was gay; he seemed to me to be very angry at life in general.  Many of his views were (and are) opposite from mine on important issues like politics and religion.  Somewhere along the line, I left a brief comment in his journal, and in an entry shortly after that, he referred to "my one reader". 

I really have never shared my world with any gay men.  I do have three or four lesbian co-workers (including my supervisor) but we don't share the same circle of friends.  So, after following Russ's blog for awhile, I had questions.  I e-mailed him.  And he politely gave me some answers.  Somewhere along the line, another reader, Simwarford (also a local), started leaving comments in Russ's journal... very long comments:  so long that sometimes he had to make them into two or three entries.  He had good writing skills, and I mentioned to him that he should start his own journal; but he preferred, he said, to simply leave his thoughts in Toonguy's journal.  (Did I mention that Sim is also gay?)

It's a strange and unlikely alliance, really:  Me, the right-wing Christian grandmother, and two men in their thirties who happen to be gay... Russ and Sim.  (My husband just shakes his head and says, "You gotta get outta this house."  LOL)  Have any of my basic beliefs changed?  No.  I'm still the same Republican Grandma I always was.  Neither have their beliefs changed.    

I am enjoying some good conversations with these men.  I mentioned to them one time that the three of us could be the basis for an interesting movie.  So now we've chosen the songs for the soundtrack of our movie, entitled, of course (because it's the name of Russ's journal) "Inner and Outer Demons".

If you're interested in our three-way conversations, our "imaginary movie"... and are not too easily offended... click on the last journal on my list on the left and check out Russ's journal.


tx3ann8 said...

You know, Mosie, I find myself in--well, not quite the same situation, but similar.  My VERY strict Baptist lady friend in Houston has a son, 37, who is gay.  He's bright, intelligent, kind, very simpatico--but chose a life style that was a bitter pill for his mother to have to swallow.  He couldn't believe that I could accept him as he is--no questions asked, no opinions offered.  His lifestyle is his own--I can admire a lot of things about him.  Seems to think I'm "NO END COOL!" (his words).  No, we don't plan to do a but now and then, he drops me a line or catches me online and we chat on an IM.  Hey, a friend is a friend--and this young man is a friend worth having.  See ya, TXAnn

toonguykc said...

Thank you for the plug, Mosie.  I hope you never regret exposing your friends and family to my blog which would probably get an "R Minus" if it was rated.  I tend to use swear words way too much.  Maybe my next doomed New Year's Resolution will be to clean up my language a bit.  Don't count on it, but I will try.

simwarford said...

Well, Mosie, I think you're "no end cool!" And I don't make New Year's resolutions; but I know where and when it's less than appropriate to weild my sharp tongue and open my sometimes foul mouth!
My hat's off to you!

annalisa135 said...

This is my first time to your journal if I'm recalling correctly -- which is an out and out shame because you've been a regular at mine for so many months now.  John highlighted you for his assignment, and here I am.  I absolutely love your About Me section!  Wonderfully written, down home appealing.  You look pretty darn good for an "old lady"  lol -- totally, totally kidding!  (about the old lady part -- not about how good you look -- oh let me shut up!  I'm puttin my foot in it -- lol)  Horses, guitars, laser mouses, friends with gay guys -- you sound like a total howl to me.  I would love to have a grandma like you!!!  That would be fantastic!!

Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and love these past months.  I've never taken the chance (directly) to tell you how much it means to me, and I'd like to correct that this very second.  Your comments often make me smile, get teary, and just say "awww, that was so sweet".  Truly.  I thank you.

Love, Anna

ryanagi said...

See...this is what I love most about this journal community. I've "met" people I would NEVER have crossed paths with in the real world. I love it!

astaryth said...

I recently stumbled across Toonguys journal... and by the third entry had him on alert. He writes very well... I enjoyed many of your pictures in your journal... they remind me of the boxes of pictures at my Grams house. She and Mom and others will sometimes drag out the boxes (no fancy albums for us <LOL>) and pull out pictures and talk about the people in them.. It is so cool. I was saying the other day to G. that I would love to take my laptop and scanner up there and "preserve" some of them... Hmmm.. Maybe that is what I will do next vacation! Thank you for visiting my Journal so that I would find yours!!