Tuesday, November 2, 2004

I do miss working

Remember the old saying, "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop"?  Now that I've been at home recuperating for so long, I understand it fully; here's a poem I wrote yesterday along these lines:

© copyright November 1, 2004
Donna Wood

Wnen I worked, I got away from all upsetting news;
I was not caught up in gloomy TV newsroom views.
I was much too tired at night to harbor fears and dreadings,
And did not have time to spend obsessing on beheadings.

Now it seems I doubt the very fiber of our nation
(I can't think that any politician's our salvation).
My workplace was a haven from the grim and unexpected:
Little did I understand how well I was protected.

When I worked, I didn't even know when it was raining.
I could laugh at other people's moaning and complaining.
When I worked, I found the time to have a little fun:
Someone please just wake me up when this election's done.



toonguykc said...

You write very well!  I've said it many times here.  Maybe this downtime came along so you could refine your craft?

ksquester said...

I loved your poem, especially. the line....I can't think that any politician's our salvation.    Anne

plieck30 said...

A very good one, but then they all are and its true too. Paula