Sunday, November 28, 2004

Look what I found!


I made an entry in this blog in October (click HERE to refresh your memory) about our first home in Kansas City when I was a child... in Harlem.  Today, while scrounging in my junk room for Christmas stuff, I found one of my mom's old picture albums, with these pictures taken of my cousins on the levee and also on the ASB bridge.  Since I was the photographer, I'm not in any of the photos.  


  Since I cut the top off this shot during scanning, I'll post it alone, in all its glory.  That would be my dad in front, leading the troop of cousins.  I'd know those overalls anywhere.


simwarford said...

I love old pictures! My cousin's always sending me some from her considerable collection; our Sunday processions to church, Christmases; my grandmother sidesaddle on one of the horses.
If I remember correctly, the ASB was one scary bridge to cross! Wasn't it the one with the 90 degree curve? I remember being absolutely terrified of it as a kid when we'd cross over to "North of the River." It's probably what's responsible for my phobia of driving across bridges! I've actually pulled over, and made whoever was my passenger take the wheel a few times! Though I usually don't have that luxury! Same with tunnels--but I have no idea where that phobia came from!

barbpinion said...

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing. I love old pictures too. It's so much fun looking at what was going on in our parents and grandparents lives. I've got a ration book from World War 2, some photos taken in 1928 and odds & ends of things I came across. thanks for sharing. *Barb*

firestormkids04 said...

Great!  I have some of these old photos around as well.  Forgetting the time when our glory was captured in balck or brown and white, I just can't get over the changes in us, our country and our families

jspiker said...

Great pictures....Isn't it great to remember the past times?