Sunday, November 14, 2004

visiting Cliff's relatives

Cliff's relatives all originally come from Morgan County, Missouri.  His parents, as well as his paternal aunts and uncles (except one that nobody's heard from for years), are dead.  But he has three maternal aunts still living in Versailes, and lots of cousins.  This morning his youngest sister and her husband came here for biscuits and gravy, then we all set off to see the three aunts.  All three ladies go to Church, so we went to the cemetary first, and visited the graves of Cliff's parents, brother, sister, and other relatives.

Then we drove a few miles to visit Cliff's cousin, Edna.  It would be nice to see all his cousins, but we were limited on time:  and I'm partial to Edna because she keeps in touch with me via the Internet.  Some of my funniest jokes come from her, as well as a few great old family snapshots!

That's Cliff with Edna.

This is Edna's great-granddaughter, Mercedes, with the most lovable bird I've ever seen in my life.  They called it a Quaker, I believe.  It gives kisses on demand.  I'm not especially fond of parrots or pet birds of any kind, but this one made me wish I had one.

That's Cliff with his Aunt Gertrude.  We were fortunate to find all three aunts having lunch together at Aunt Faye's house, so we got to talk to them all together.  I would have taken pictures of the three, but Aunt Faye had a cancer taken off her nose this week and was self-conscious about the big bandage on her nose; so I hurriedly snapped this picture and let it suffice.  This aunt looks particularly like Cliff's mom.

It was a good day; Cliff was happy that someone else did the driving, and we were all glad to see these dear folks.


mzgoochi said...

Thank You Donna.
God Bless

ryanagi said...

What a nice day! I lost touch with a lot of family over a wedding sqabble 12 years ago (my wedding, they didn't want to come to it)...Cliff is very lucky to have ties to so many extended family members.  :-)  -B

krobbie67 said...

Sounds like a great visit and what beautiful pics! :-) ---Robbie