Thursday, November 4, 2004

Getting free corn

I hope my friends all know how to use the above pictures:  Click where it says "view larger" and then click the forward arrow where it says "1 of 11" to see all the shots.  I know J-land folks know this, but I've had a couple of people miss some good pictures because they thought there was only one up there.

We were given permission to pick up the corn left after a fire.  Click here to see the fire.  But we've had so much rain, the field has been a lob-lolly.  Meanwhile, our two pigs are eating everything in sight, and we hate to buy feed for them when there's all this free corn going to waste.  So Cliff, Travis and Tyler decided to wade through the mud and brave the cold wind, and pick up a trailer-load of corn.  I'm sure it's losing food value all the time it lays on the wet ground; some of it is starting to sprout, as you can see in one of the pictures.  We won't be feeding any to the cows or, more especially, my horse:  Pigs have a strong digestive system, and also the good sense not to eat something that will hurt them; but the slightest bit of mold could kill a horse, and possibly make the cows sick. A cousin of mine used to raise hogs for a living, and we once asked him about feeding something to hogs we thought might hurt them.  "You can't hurt a hog,"  he said, laughing. 

The guys gave out before the trailor was full, but I'm sure there's enough corn to do the pigs for quite a while.  If the weather forecast is right, we're supposed to have at least five sunny days now.  It'll be so much easier to pick up when the ground is dry.

This corn is just one more thing for which I owe Blue, my horse.  We've had so many grand rides around the countryside, but who would have thought we'd end up with free corn for our pigs!  The day of the fire was one of my favorite adventures with him, but I also fondly remember the ghost farm ride.  That horse has helped make what was already an exciting year even better.


csandhollow said...

Hun I do not think that non AOL can she the pictures when they click see larger because then they have to load AOL's You Got Pictures.
Pigs eat everything! Well almost... mine would not eat squash.

bnanajm said...

Mosie, you give us the very best pictures.  Through your eyes and your camera, I've ridden past the ghost farm and could almost smell the smoke from the fire.  Your Country Life has also been my view of a farm.  



fierro6 said...

I have AIM, but not AOL.  I can view them fine.   You can log in, or "view as a guest"