Wednesday, November 3, 2004


© copyright November 3, 2004
Donna Wood

Let us all enjoy this day
Taking out some time to pray
For troops who've been away so long.
(Who knows if it's right or wrong?)

Let us every one rejoice
That we each can vote our choice
To tell the world what we believe;
Life's too short to mourn and grieve.

I believe a Higher Power
Guides us all from hour to hour.
You need not agree with me:
I've been wrong before, you see.

Terrorists could strike today,
Blowing some of us away.
Once you're dead, it's all the same:
You won't worry who's to blame.

Take my hand, and let's agree:
Me for you, and you for me,
Sharing all our hopes and dreams.
Life is never what it seems.






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bookncoffee said...

I think it is awesome that you write poems and do a great job at it.  I enjoy them.