Saturday, November 13, 2004

stuff I bought yesterday

That's our new coffeepot.  We've had Bunn coffeemakers for several years now because of the good flavor and the three-minute brewing, but I think this has it beat.  I first met the Hamilton Beach Brew Station at my son's house in Georgia.  WOW!  The coffee stays fresh-tasting for at least two hours after brewing.  And there's no carafe to break.  As luck would have it, Kohl's, my employer, has it on sale for $47.99,  AND I had a 30% discount for using my Kohl's charge, AND when I get my bill, there'll be another 10% taken off as my associate discount.  I love bargains.  Thanks Deb, for introducing me to this wonderful machine.  Cliff loves it too.

Now for my other purchase, which was not bargain-priced, but I believe is going to be worth the money spent:

That, my friends, is the "Good-Dog Collar", which cost $13.99.  My Mandy has insisted on pulling against her lead, even if it chokes her half to death.  I could pop a choke-chain constantly, but it did not deter her.  Now, after just a couple sessions with this device, she's a totally different pup.  It looks more harsh than it really is:  those pointy things are rubber.  I do believe we need to add a link, because it seems pretty snug on her.   Extra links are available at Pet-Smart, where we bought the collar.  I went there intending to buy a harness that would restrain her, but I don't think that would really have taught her what is expected.  The new collar is doing the trick.  This morning, with only her regular collar on, she paid very good heed to my orders (with a tug as a gentle reminder).

Money well spent yesterday, on both items!


barbpinion said...

Love the coffee pot. Ours is on it's last legs, so to speak. We've been checking out new ones. Wish I'd known about that dog collar when we had our dog. Glad it isn't as harsh as it looks. *Barb*

woodmotorsports said...

Im glad you love the pot...I love mine, but i recently found out that  the handle inside the water holder will break after time so be aware of that problem other than that it is the best pot i have ever bought

csandhollow said...

So glad you found something for Mandy.

gramroni said...

OO-OO I need one of those for my Axl. We did the other kind and he just calloused up in his single mindedness to be the leader.

krobbie67 said...

I've seen that coffee maker. I'd like to get the white one but was worried that it would be difficult to keep clean. Do you have any problems?

I've seen a similar collar too but it was metal. Freeepeace swears by those collars and that they are much more humane than the choke chains. She's a dog walker by profession so I figure she's like an expert witness. Lol!

:-) ---Robbie