Friday, November 5, 2004

mail for my dog

I'm constantly amazed at the folks who read this drivel!  I'm glad to have you all... it's just that the readership here seems so unlikely to me.

I was outside with Mandy on her leash yesterday, and decided to check my mailbox.  Amidst the bills and junk mail I always get, there was a package... addressed to "Miss Mandy Wood".  The return address said it was from "Mr. Jake Miller".  My friend Joanna, with whom I spent a week touring Washington, DC, last June, has struck again!  This is the same lady who sent me Nathan's hot dogs for my birthday (I thought at one time they were gone, but to my delight, I found a few more.  I think there are four left now.) 

Joanna has three cats, but the star of her feline show is a big orange cat named Jakie.  I took this picture while staying at his house.  He is quite a self-centered, conceited fellow, but he ought to be:  he's the boss in Joanna's little castle!  So you can imagine my relief when Jakie accepted me as a guest during my visit.

Joanna mentioned to me Saturday, online, that she was going shopping, so I told her, "Buy a toy for Jakie."  "OK," she replied, "I might get him a squeaky toy."  "Oh, Mandy LOVES squeaky toys," I said.

So, when I saw a package from Jakie to Mandy, I had a hunch it would squeak, and squeezed it.  Sure enough!  Mandy, of course, was instantly at attention.  I handed it to her, and she carried it to the house proudly.  When we got inside, I let her try to unwrap it herself.

That's my knee obstructing a large portion of the picture.  Anyway, I finally helped Mandy open it and gave her the gift... it was a squeaky Jakie, a toy orange cat.  She has had loads of fun with it, and I've laughed a lot, watching her carry it all over the kitchen and hallway, then bringing it to me to throw, so she can fetch it.

Jakie wrote a wonderful note to Mandy, too.  I'm sure my dog appreciated reading it as much as Jakie enjoyed writing it.

Thanks, Joanna, for making my day (and Mandy's too)!


bnanajm said...

It was Jake's pleasure and mine as well.  I had a blast at the pet department, squeezing all the toys and then I found the orange one.  An exact replica of Jake, only he's more handsome.   Thanks for the honorable mention in this wonder journal.  I love the shot of him, holding court on HIS dining room table.

We are both glad that Mandy liked her toy.

Love you both,


ksquester said...

I loved the kitty/dog pictures. He is so excited getting his own mail. Never any bills to worry about. Gosh, I just discovered Nathans Hot Dogs too. I found them at the Hen House Markets here in Ks. Mabe some of the Price Choppers have them too as they are "related"  Glad the sun is finally out and the temperatures are warming.  Anne

bookncoffee said...

oh how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would have been surprised to find that in my mailbox too.

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