Friday, November 12, 2004

a poem

© copyright November 12, 2004
Donna Wood

Musing on my childhood always causes me to smile;
So when I'm feeling down, I drift in mem'ry for awhile,
Reflecting on the "good old days" when Grandma was alive.
(Lord, how can it be?  She died way back in '65!)
The family Sunday dinners, and the holidays and such
(My husband says my family got together far too much).
Uncle Paul would always mention how fast I could grow.
I took those folks for granted then, some fifty years ago.

Christmas in the fifties was a grand and glorious thing,
Imaginations ripe with what old Santa Clause might bring.
Long before Thanksgiving, Mom would get herself in gear
To make the Christmas goodies that we counted on each year:
Fruitcake and divinity; my choice, brown sugar fudge,
Awaiting my approval, as my mom's most favored judge.
One year, Santa brought a sled and God delivered snow!
I can't believe that happened over fifty years ago.

Those were years before my brother ended up in jail.
Who'd have known that alcohol would make his marriage fail?
Problems aren't evident when you're a child of eight:
We just saw him twice a year, and I thought things were great.
Everyone would gather at our house on Christmas Eve.
Peace, good will and happiness were all I could perceive.
I'm glad there were lots of things that I still didn't know
When I was young and innocent, some fifty years ago.





csandhollow said...

Sometimes I long for the simple days again.

lacaza3 said...

Donna wanna she is our gal she rhymes words and I dont see how.
She says she does it everyday I just have to say hey.
I wish I was as smart as she but having the same name will have to suffice for me.

There is my attempt to rhyme.. I suck I know HA!

Donna In TEXAS

ksquester said...

Donna, I just love this poem. I remember the Christmas' of the late 50's and early 60' was a time of innocence. I am sorry about your brother. Our family has had it's share of alcoholics. As a member of Al-Anon, I can now separate the disease from the person, although it is difficult to do at times. Thank you for this trip down memory lane. as I tend not to remember my childhood. Anne

chasenkids said...

I just stumbled on to your journal and I'm so glad I did!  The poem was beautiful and I can relate.  I can't wait to read more!


krobbie67 said...

Great poem! :-) ---Robbie