Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wednesday evening.... 12 hours later than last entry

Well, just to show the best-laid plans of mice and men "gang aft aglay" (and women too) we went to the parking garage for the Metro and circled for over an hour, and found not one space!  By then it was getting late, so we decided to throw in the towel for today and go someplace else after lunch.  We chose Manassas battlefield, which really was a good choice.  There's a sacred feeling about the place, as I realized that the blood of our good ancesters soaked much of the soil I was walking on.  We then went by Joanna's chiropractor, Dave, so she could get a little adjustment... she isn't used to walking as much as what she's done this week.  I must say she looked more relaxed walking out of his office than she did going in.  

The most troubling thing that happened all day was that a rock or stone somehow got flung against the windshield of Joanna's car and put a star in it about the size of a half-dollar.  She's already talked to her insurance agent, and it sounds hopeful that it can be fixed reasonably.  Even on a day where things didn't go right, I've enjoyed myself; more than anything, I have felt sorry for my friend and her frustration.... but she seems to have weathered it well.

Tomorrow we'll try the Metro again, but we will start early, and we have not one, but TWO backup plans.  Here's hoping!

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