Wednesday, June 30, 2004

good old Blue

Debbie wanted to give Blue a try, and he behaved like a perfect gentleman.  He walked nicely around the yard, didn't object to Lyndsay being handed up... and then Deb decided to go out to the pasture and step up the pace a bit.  Well, my perfect horse Blue, who has never really bucked with me, threw her!  And then stood there waiting for her to get back on (it's a good thing Lyndsay wasn't with her when this happened).  I guess Cliff and Jim went running to her aid, but once they realized she was OK, Jim said, "I wish we'd had the camcorder, now that I know you weren't hurt."

Arick came here from work and announced that his girl friend is not allowed to see him, after their little slip-up last night.  

I wanted to get pictures taken at Wal Mart or Sears or something, but Arick's time is so limited with his new job, I may not get it done.  I was going to have one picture taken of Jim, Deb and Lyndsay, and one of Arick, Amber and Lyndsay.  Oh well. 

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csandhollow said...

It never fails you brag on them and they show you up