Thursday, June 24, 2004

can't sleep

The cow whose calf died woke me early bawling for her dead calf, and I finally got up (at this ridiculous hour).  Because Tracy's mother-in-law died, and my alternate ride, Pam, took this day off, I have decided to call in my remaining paid personal day.  I'll stay home and hopefully go through more of my mom's stuff.  I don't have as many options for a ride to work as I used to, but I'm usually still pretty well set. 

The DC will be closed tomorrow, so I'll have a four-day weekend.  Next week's schedule at work is for forty hours, so they must be expecting work to pick up.  There'll be a three-day weekend for the fourth of July.  Next Thursday my son and his family from Georgia will be here for the races at the Kansas Speedway, so I'm glad for a long weekend then.  I will probably try to "green sheet" (unpaid approved time off) one day while they're here.  I'm about out of vacation time, and will need my remaining two vacation days to go to the Missouri state fair with my granddaughters, in August.  

My local horse expert tells me my horse isn't gaiting properly since he was re-shod, and I have to agree that he's a pretty bumpy ride lately.  For some reason it's hard to find and keep a good farrier.  My assistant supervisor at work, Kathy, said she has some names she'll give me.  I'd just like to try someone different:  I don't know of anyone who cares for Mr. Johnson's work, but he was the only one I knew to call.  He's much too expensive.  The $80 for a first shoeing was pretty much normal, but $70 for a reset is out of line. 

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csandhollow said...

I am having trouble finding a farrier too. The last one did a horrible job.
Thanks for the visit to my journal.