Thursday, June 24, 2004

today wasn't wasted at home

I wish AOL would give more options on "mood".  You can't type in your own word, you have to choose one of theirs.  Cliff just went to work, and I think he's getting over his disappointment at losing a calf.  He buried it this morning, using the John Deere with the bucket loader.  It really was the biggest, nicest calf of the three.  I told Cliff I will take total responsibility, because I am the one who used to raise 50 bottle calves a year, and I knew better than to leave it out there in the pasture Tuesday when we saw it had scours.  Had we brought her up then and given her a shot and electrolytes, she would have made it.  However, "it's but little good you'll do watering last year's crops", so we'll call this a lesson learned.  Next year when the cows have their calves, we'll keep them close to the house.  And we'll have emergency meds on hand in case we get a sick calf again, because these three cows are much heavier milkers than any beef cattle we've had before, and too much milk is usually what causes baby calves nursing their moms to get diarrhea. 

I walked with Cliff this morning, then came home and went through more of my mom's stuff.  I also cleared out a bunch of my own junk... after all, do I REALLY need 25 issues of 1970's vintage Mother Earth News magazines?  I did, however, keep my Better Homes and Gardens magazines from the fifties.  Maybe next junk run I'll toss them, but I love looking at those old ads and reminiscing.  I loved the fifties. 

I'll ride Blue pretty soon down to the river bottom to see how it looks with all the wheat harvested.  I imagine once they bale the straw and get it out of there, they'll plant soybeans.  Farmers' crops are doing fantastic in this wet year. 


myannmar said...

oh mo, i have a whole box of COMPACT magazines for teens...from the 1950's!
boy, they sure are different than teen magazines today!

boodotte said...

That calf just breaks my heart.  Guess it's cause I'm hurting so bad right now for my SweetPea.  Lord Mo, we are so much alike in many ways:  I love the fifties also.  And the forties.  That, our tractors and our country ways are just a few of the things that bond us.  Anyway, please know you all are in my prayers over the calf.  Joyce