Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"hump day" at home

Jim, Debbie and Lyndsay made it here at exactly 7 PM; they'd left home at 6 AM, and of course they gain an hour coming here.  I had some supper waiting for them.  They've both lost weight on the Atkins diet:  Jim has lost 50 pounds!  I'll take a picture today and add it, hopefully.  Lyndsay is growing and changing, at almost four years of age.  Sixteen-year-old Amber will stay here while her dad's around. 

Arick came for his dad's arrival, and his 16-year-old girl friend drove over to meet everybody.  Her mom, who keeps her on a tight rein, called to ask if she was here.  Well, at that moment she was not, since she and Arick had made a run into town, two miles away.  I think Mom was upset, but I couldn't help it.  In this day and age I can't blame a mother for worrying;  I just wonder if these two kids have done something to make her so suspicious.  Arick, by the way, is in training for a new job, some sort of manager position.  He'll have to dress up, wear a tie, and all.  Once he's trained the money will be nice, but he'll be on salary, so it may not be all it's cracked up to be.  At age 18, he's already figured out that construction work isn't a dependable source of income.  He may as well learn these things while he's young.

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csandhollow said...

She is so pretty! Georgia grows pretty girls!!