Sunday, June 13, 2004

I'm in Virginia!

I had a wonderful trip.  When the plane took off from KCI shortly after 2:30, I noticed we were following the Missouri River.  Since I live close to the river, I watched for landmarks and actually located my home!  It was so exciting to me to see my place from the air, and see the ripe wheat where Blue carries me so often.

Before I left I went for a last ride, and went through the cemetary.  Far back from the road, in the old part of the graveyard, were two foxes watching me.  As I headed toward them, one immediately ran into the woods.  But the other sat and watched me; he'd turn to leave, then circle, sit on his haunches, and watch my approach again.

I'm getting into the good graces of  Joanna's kitties, and as usual, Joanna and I talk non-stop.  It seems we always have something to talk about.  Life is good!

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