Wednesday, June 23, 2004

back to work... I think?

Yesterday I dialed the "hot line" at work and found out I could stay home if I wanted to.  So, that was what I chose.  I went on a walk with Cliff, and then decided to look for the elusive new calf that Monica, the cow, keeps hidden.  I figured I'd just ride bareback on Blue, since I was pooped from the three-mile walk I'd just taken.  The twins next door were already lighting off firecrackers, and I noticed Blue was jumpy and scared when I went to put the halter on him.  That seemed strange, since he wasn't afraid of firecrackers last night.  He kept snorting and looking toward the noise, but I paid no heed.  I did say to myself once, "You are silly to try and ride him bareback, as upset as he seems."

Now, getting my old body atop a tall horse bareback is no small feat.  I stand on an inverted five-gallon bucket and, with great effort, pull myself on.  Blue has always been patient with this.  However, firecrackers sounded and he decided he was being attacked, and he reared a bit and off I went.  He didn't have a clue what had happened, just stood there acting upset.  Needless to say, I saddled him before getting on again.  I do believe the neighborhood boys have been shooting bottle rockets at him to see him run, since he wasn't at all scared of firecracker sounds yesterday!

Cliff was mowing in the pasture, and we did find the calf.  She seemed energetic and fine, although she obviously has diarrhea (scours).  Probably getting more milk than is good for her system.

I went through a few of my mom's things and tossed a lot.  I also took books out of my bookcase in the living room that I haven't looked at in months, and delegated that space to my collection of Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks.  And I put some current pictures in frames that held six-year-old pictures.  There's plenty more to do, though.  While doing all this, I watched PBS' "American Experience" about Jimmy Carter.  The show, like the man himself, was fascinating. 

This morning I'll call Pam, a lady in town, to see if I can ride to work with her.  Tracy, my normal ride, is staying home due to the fact that her mother-in-law is dying of cancer... Hospice has been called in.  This is a lady about my age, probably younger.  Her oldest son is the age of my son.

4:40 PM.  Tracy's mother-in-law, Peg, died today.  In other sad news, the last of our three calves... the one born last Thursday... died of scours today.  Cliff and I noticed the problem yesterday and let it go, so this is something we could have prevented.  I tell myself these are Cliff's cows, not mine, where in the past the cows WERE mine... but I should have insisted he get something for the calf's problem.  Hindsight is 20/20, and I'll bet we don't lose another calf to scours again.  Another lesson learned. 

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