Wednesday, June 23, 2004

sad subject

The Muslem extremists are beheading innocent people; we lost a lovely calf whose death we could have prevented; and I heard the saddest thing from a friend at work this week:

About four years ago, the church I attended was shocked and shamed when a deacon (also a member of the band and choir) who was a schoolteacher in a public school was found to be having relations with a sixteen-year-old female student.  He was sent to prison, where he remains, I believe.  Had this happened across the line in Kansas, he would not have been imprisoned.  His wife divorced him and remarried.  Now for the saddest part:  Sunday, Father's Day, his seventeen-year-old son committed suicide.  Every time I think about this, it makes me so sad.  The boy was in a Christmas play with my grandson, years ago, and had all his lines memorized by the first practice... and said them with feeling.  Now he's gone. 


nachtkommen said...

When I read those first few lines, I thought you meant the Muslem extremists killed your calf. o_O  Did that sexy black calf you took a pic of, die?

You need some new colors... these look like the default AOL Journal colors.

I saw your fav links.  Another nice recipe site is  I like the kind where people try the recipes, rate and review them.  Lets you know ahead of time wheither it's worth making it.

And if you haven't already... post your blog link on the Common Ground message board.  (Post mine too while your at it!)

mosie1944 said...

Hey Xib, I already posted my link on Common Ground; I'm afraid to post yours, as kinky-minded as you are.  What if somebody goes to Orgrish and sees those beheading videos, not expecting it?  I think you should just e-mail the link to those you want to see it, and let them decide for themselves if they want to step out of the box.