Tuesday, June 22, 2004

letting Blue have a social life

Yesterday evening, they closed highway 224 to traffic for a couple of hours so people could walk, ride bikes or ride horses along that route to commemorate Lewis and Clark's passing through here two hundred years ago.  In celebration of this event, this stretch of 224 has been designated a "scenic byway", with signs put up at intervals along the road. 

My reason for joining this group was to give Blue a bit of social time:  I feel sorry for him, not being able to see other horses here.  And he really did enjoy the company!  It got to be a bit boring, since we poked along at a snail's pace (except for Dale McCoy and his prize Walking Horse, who left us in the dust and never looked back).  I could have joined him, but then Blue would only have had the pleasure of one horse's company.  The Wellington-Napoleon school band played for us as we passed Earl Borgman's house (see picture above).

By the time I got home afterward, it was 8:45, and I usually am in bed at 8 on work nights.  So this morning I'm feeling a bit groggy (at 4 AM).  I called the "hot line" to work and discovered that they are offering VTO for today, and I do believe I'll take it; I only worked three hours yesterday.  I won't have much paycheck next week, but that's when the renters pay the rent for the month, so that will make it up. 

Cliff and I haven't seen the newest calf (born last Thursday) for three days now.  The cow, Monica, has her hidden somewhere... we hope!  We both looked off and on all day yesterday, and the three cows and two other calves would be contentedly grazing.  Although we know it's typical for a new calf to sleep a lot, hidden away by the mom, for the first week, we still are a bit uneasy not seeing her. 

I planted a small row of green beans.  We had a Pizza Hut pizza for lunch, thanks to my wheedling and whining that "I never get any pizza any more, since you and the twins go to Pizza Hut when I'm at work."

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