Monday, June 14, 2004

A Full Day

We picked up Sam in Maryland and went on to Baltimore.  It was almost noon when we parked, so we looked for a place right away, and settled on a seafood place... McCormack and Scmick's.  The food was excellent, but I'm not used to eating so high on the hog two days in a row; I think tomorrow we'll just see about picking up a sandwich.   Our time at Baltimore was spent at the National Aquarium:  First we watched the trained dolphins, and then went on to see all kinds of aquatic life on several levels of the building.  I think it's the first time I've met an octupus face to face. 

We did have an adventure getting out of Baltimore.  Sam is used to being on the other side of Inner Harbor, so wasn't quite sure where we were.  And Joanna and I neither one had a clue.  We did get a nice tour of downtown Baltimore, though, and several ethnic districts... in fact, we saw several of the ethnic districts more than once.  Finally Sam called Lou, her husband, on Bnana's cell phone, and he talked us out of Baltimore.  Whew.  And then the traffic!  It took us at least two hours to get home AFTER we dropped Sam off.  I did get one chuckle as we sat parked on 495 though:  Beside us was parked a van with lettering on it that read, "Holy Spirit Heating and Air Conditioning; Pay Less and Get Blessed".  I found that hilarious.

We've had some of those great Nathan's Hot Dogs, cooked on Joanna's Nathan's grill.  I have to get one of those, just to cook my hot dogs.  She says they're good for ribeye steak, too.

Another full, fun day, and we're both tired to the bone.

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