Sunday, June 27, 2004

a full Saturday

Yesterday I rode down in the river bottom again; the wheat has all been harvested, and the corn and soybeans are looking good: the corn is more than head-high and tasseling.  When I rode up the driveway, Rachel was here with the girls:  Cliff had requested that they spend the night.  We went to see Garfield at Cannonball Six theater; I think I enjoyed more than the girls did.  Natalie showed signs of boredom before it was over.  Cliff's comment was, "Well, it's no Finding Nemo."

The cows were in the lot where I let Blue graze for an hour daily; I was going to run them out, but April, our oldest calf, pooped when she got up and had very severe scours.  We still had the filled syringe with the shot Cliff got for the calf that died, so we managed to give that to her.  While we had the cows up, Cliff sprayed them for flies.  We're just going to have to keep an closer eye on the health of our calves.  I've always avoided putting Blue in the pen with the cows because of the way most horses chase cows, but yesterday I did it:  I might have known, he's so worried about eating all he can, while he can, that he didn't even seem to notice the cows!

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