Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Company's coming!

Some of you other AOL journalers, HELP!!!  How can I get my journal time to show "central daylight time" instead of eastern?

This evening my son Jim, his wife Debbie, and my granddaughter, Lindsay, should be here from Georgia... and possibly one of Deb's daughters and a friend.  I haven't seen them since April.  We usually try to visit them at Easter, when Georgia is spring-green and lovely.  This year I talked Cliff into driving to Plains Easter Sunday and attending Church where Jimmy Carter is the Sunday School teacher.  What a thrill it was to have our picture taken with a former president!  At work, they've really tightened up on "green sheets" (approved unpaid time off) but I managed to get Wednesday and Thursday off.  I'll try to enjoy it, because once we get into August, unpaid approved time off will, once more, be a thing of the past.

I buy Jim and Debbie a couple of season tickets to Kansas Speedway each year as a sort of "reward" for making the long drive to Missouri with my youngest granddaughter; they're quite the Nascar fans.

I took Blue out for an hour or so last night, knowing I wouldn't be riding this evening.

I can't believe we're already doing big, heavy winter shoes at work!  That's what I did all day yesterday, and my hands ache from it.  They offered VTO (voluntary time off) for my department, and about half the people went home before we even started working.  That's another thing that will soon stop until after the Christmas rush ends.

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