Thursday, June 10, 2004

another half-day at work

We picked up our new Mercury Grand Marquis.  What a car.  And an added bonus, it has a CD player!  Our car payments remain the same as they were for the Explorer, so we can handle that.  It was clean when we got it, but we drove home in the rain.    I put straw around my tomato plants.

I took a vacation day for tomorrow, too.  We'll take care of our car insurance and do a little shopping for Cliff, so he'll have something to eat while I'm gone to DC.  It's almost time!

All day long I couldn't find the new calf, Junie.  Her mom had her hidden someplace.  Tonight I went out and there she was, running with the herd.  April is glad to have a playmate, she won't leave Junie alone.

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