Friday, June 18, 2004

almost time to go home

Today we left the house at 7:30 and caught the bus at Joanna's church (75 cents) and rode to where we could board the Metro subway.  We managed this with no problem.  We got to the Smithsonian museum of Natural History area early, and I did some souvenir shopping until it opened at 10:00.  We saw the big dinasaurs, the Hope diamond, and other interesting exhibits.  After 1 o'clock, we got a couple of goodies at the Farmer's market and boarded the Metro.  We had a tense few moments when we heard an announcement telling us to get OFF the Metro train we were on and get on a different one.  If we missed our bus at the end of the line, we'd have to wait another hour and a half in the hot sun.  However, we made it... although it was a close call.  As I write this, we're resting up to go see Riverdance tonight at the Wolftrap theater.  I can't believe at this time tomorrow my Washington, DC adventure will be no more than a happy memory... a dream Joanna helped make come true.  I told her earlier, this trip has been sort of a "sampler".  When you go to a nice dining place and don't know what to order, sometimes you can get a sampler platter.  Then when you return, you know what to order.  If I come back to DC (I hope I can get Cliff here) I will have a few ideas of where to go and what to do.  We've done something each day to make it a notable entry into my Washington, DC, memory book.

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