Thursday, July 14, 2005

Redneck vacation on Ebay

OK, I'm very busy.  But I simply had to share this with you:                                           REDNECK VACATION


jspiker said...

The pink flamingo's are the icing on the cake.
I wonder if the Appalachian Trail is far from this area?
I'll place my bid soon. <ha>  

ksquester said...

oh, this was priceless!  Anne

bookncoffee said...

Yep, this was pretty funny....I like the camper.  I am sure you do too.

nightmaremom said...

OMG!  Thanks for the laugh.  That has to be a classic, and you know I will go back to check out the winning bid.  Did you get yours in yet?  :)  

dbaumgartner said...

LOL.  That's just too funny.  Thanks for the chuckle.