Sunday, July 10, 2005

Internet friends are coming to see me!

Long-time chat room friends from Scotland, Glenda and Rob, are headed this way to spend a couple of weeks in Arkansas with another Internet friend, Lona.  They visited there two years ago, and saw most everything there is to see in Sam Walton country.  So, I've invited Lona to bring them to the Kansas City area, and we'll see how much we can take in, in three days' time.

One dear lady is coming from California with her husband.  She'll be the only one I've never met face-to-face before, but I've chatted with her for years, and used to have sound wavs of her, singing lovely Christian songs.

We're staying at a motel in Blue Springs.  Yes, Cliff and me too!  He's taking vacation days Thursday and Friday.  He tells me this whole gig is my birthday present, and that suits me just fine.

I haven't pushed to make this a huge gathering:  My main purpose was to take my friends from Scotland to some historic places, and if others wanted to hop aboard the bandwagon, they were welcome.

Most of the guests will arrive Thursday afternoon and evening.  I really don't plan to see any sights that day, unless Rob, Glenda and Lona get here early in the afternoon, in which case we'll drive the 10 miles or so from Blue Springs to Missouri Town 1855.  We plan to eat dinner at Stroud's, since it's internationally famous.  (personally, I prefer KFC chicken, if I could ever find a clean, non-greasy-floored one somewhere)

Friday we'll see the Truman Home in the morning, drive to Arthur Bryant's for some famous Kansas City Barbecue, and return to Independence to tour the Truman Library and Museum.  Friday evening, we'll have a hot dog roast in my pasture, weather permitting, back near my cabin.

Saturday we're going to Fort Osage.  Then to Lexington, Missouri, to have lunch at The Brewery; and then on to Anderson House and its Civil War battlefield.

Tomorrow morning Cliff and I are going to make the rounds, just to make sure we can get to all these places with no problem.  After all, we wouldn't want to get the group lost!  It's a total of eleven people, and I believe we can get them all in two vehicles:  My Kansas friend has a van of sorts (sorry Boo, I don't remember what it's called) and our car will hold five easily.  Cliff has already stated that Lona is going to ride up front with him.  Hmph.  Never thought I'd be displaced so easily!

Please send prayers and good wishes this way.  I've never been much of a coordinator, but these folks are good-natured and sweet, and will get along and have fun either with me, or in spite of me!


ksquester said...

YOU guys are going to have a relax and have lots of fun and fire up the grill, put some Nathans hot dogs on and just be in the moment!   (Wanna hear all about it too!)  Anne

madcobug said...

Hope all of you have lots of fun & hope everyone has a safe trip. Helen

lonamay said...

i always knew I liked that cliff...LOL  i love front seats too...LOL  but i will just be thrilled to ride really,, looking forward to seeing you all again and i know we will have a great time,,,

bookncoffee said...

Oh this sounds fun...I hope you all have a good time and glad Cliff can go with you.  

astaryth said...

Oh, this sounds like soooo much fun. Can't wait to hear (read <g>) all about it and I'm hoping for lots of pictures too!

firestormkids04 said...

Oh, boy!  I wish I could come along!  It sounds like a wonderful little confab.  Blessings, Penny

bnanajm said...

I know you will have a BLAST, coordinated or not, but knowing you, it will be just fine.  My only regret with my new job is that I don't have time accrued to be able to join you all.  Know in my heart, I'm there with you.



skisseberth said...

Our prayers are with you all - have a glorious time  [ wish we were going to be there too !!  :(   ]  Next time, we hope !!

cyandfayedavis said...

How much more coordinated can you get?  This line up makes you look like Martha Stewart beside of me.  Where do you get the energy?

tendernoggle said...

I can feel your excitement !!! You have done some great planning, Mosie!
Hope you have a good time and a safe one!  My prayers to you and your friends!