Wednesday, July 20, 2005

To an old chat friend, MaeIvy

I wish there had not been hard feelings.
For it could be me, where you stand.
I haven't forgotten the fun times
Way back when our old chats began.
There's no way to tell you my sorrow
Just knowing your man passed away.
I pray you a better tomorrow,
And rest, at the close of each day.

The grudges you're bearing against me
Perhaps I did cause, unaware.
We need not be best friends and comrades:
I know there are scars we both bear.
Just know that I'm thinking about you
And wish I could turn back the years.
I feel for your sorrows and heartaches.
And I feel the weight of your tears.


fierrorachel said...

wow.  powerful entry.

simplysparrow said...

youve been thinking again, mosie :)   good job, gal...

toonguykc said...

One of your MANY great qualities -- you don't just let friends slip away without some effort on your part to try and reconnect.  People like you are exceptionally rare and I'm proud to have you for a friend!

boodotte said...

Thanks for reaching out Mo.  I was unaware Mae's husband passed away.  She's surely in my prayers.  No amount of trials can keep me from asking God to hold her in His capable palm.  I've walked this road.  I would wish no one to walk it alone.  Though we can't feel her pain, we surely can keep her lifted before the Throne of One who can.  Lord keep her.  And bless you Mo, for remembering the good.  All should be more like that.  Joyce (Boo)