Monday, July 25, 2005

about my Monday Photo-Shoot entry

OK, some of you have asked what Mandy is looking at, in my Monday Photo Shoot entry.

Because it is so intensely hot here (97 right now), my intentions were to catch Mandy panting hard and fast, with her tongue hanging out one side of her mouth, to show how hot she was. 

She was panting, all right, but not quite vigorously enough for my purposes.  I lay beside her in the grass for some ten minutes, waiting impatiently. 

Suddenly she was up and running... she had seen a squirrel heading up a tree.  Yes, she's looking up at a squirrel in that picture.  Now you know.


ksquester said...

Well, It IS squirrel season now! (everyday is squirrel and bunny season for the dogs!)   Anne

tendernoggle said...

lol lol I figured she had a squirrel up there!

bookncoffee said...

Hope you are finding ways to cool off.  Relief should be in store soon.  I am seeing in our forecast here that Thursday night will find middle TN in the lower 60's.  Maybe we'll be opening the windows for that one.  

Cute pic earlier of Mandy.  I can see why everyone wanted to know what she's looking at.  Looks like she has run a cat up the tree or something.  At least that is what my Tugie the Toy P would have done.  LOL.