Monday, July 18, 2005

Saturday with my Internet friends

Saturday was our hottest, most humid day... so wouldn't you know that's when we were outside the most?

We began our trek at Fort Osage.  It was erected in 1808 and abandoned in 1827.  It's a wonderful restoration, and the folks working there in period costume make it so much fun.  We spent longer here than I had figured we would, considering the heat and humidity.

Then we headed toward my home, but we first had to make a stop at the Corps of  Engineers park, near Napoleon.  This is a spot where you can get really close to the Missouri River. 

Our next stop took us onto a nearly deserted road where I ride my horse often, and where marijuana grows wild.  This little detour was for my friend Lona, who had never seen "weed" before.  She took a little snippet of it home with her.  Hemp was a big cash crop during the civil war, and that left a lot of it growing wild hereabouts.

Then to my house, where we drove out into the pasture near my cabin.  The original plan had been to have a hot dog roast in the evening, but because of the intense heat, we cancelled that.  Everyone who wanted to see my cabin took the opportunity, and we showed off Cliff's shop on the way out.  Mandy came to meet my friends, too... wondering where I'd been for two days.  Oh, and Cindy took a real keepsake back to the motel with her:  a tick.

It was 1 PM or later by the time we got to Lexington, a town steeped in Civil War history.  There are many antebellum homes still standing.  Everyone agreed the Mexican place was a good choice for lunch.  It's in the historic "900 block":  "The 900 block of Main Street was onceknown as the infamous "Block 42," a risqué saloon block which women and children were cautioned to avoid.  Legend has it that 42 saloons along with houses of ill repute, were located on this block, (which might not have been far from the truth), but in reality, "42" refers to the block number on city's plat map".  With our bellies full, we headed to the Anderson House.  The lady warned us it was over 88 degrees in the house, but most of us took the tour anyhow.  We had a wonderful young guide who answered any questions we had.

From there, we went back to the motel, gabbed awhile, and then went for dinner just up the road.  Cliff was great to drive us all around, and was so sweet to my friends, that I gave him leave to spend Saturday night at home alone, telling him to join us again in the morning.  So he didn't eat out with us.  Instead, he took the remains of our Arthur Bryant dinner with him and desecrated it with Gate's Barbecue Sauce. 



ksquester said...

I have heard of the Kansas wheat fields, but never the MO weed fields. haaaaa  I guess that is OK, unless you took time to smoke a little toad.  Glad you had such a wonderful time and great memories.  Anne

bookncoffee said...

It is a real treat to read about your trip out with your friends.  I know you have had fun posting.  I always LOVE to post vacations and trips and relive it all.  I know your buddies will enjoy it too when they get back home.  They can print it out and keep as a momento.  LOL.
Enjoyed the pics too as always.

msecz said...

It sure does look like you had a wonderful time! What great memories also... good for you. Sandra

bnanajm said...

I am really enjoying the photos.  It's good to see our internet friends again, if only in pictures.  I fear I have missed the 2005 get-togethers entirely.  But there's always next year.  Good job Mosie.  :o)

lonamay said...

A special thank you donna for a wonderful weekend,, one that was so well planned.. i know how much work you put into it and it really showed.. i so enjoyed being with you and cliff and loved seeing all that I did,, especially your precious granddaughters and their mom and dad... it was nice to be with special people who have such a good time together...

whitedove3622 said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. I love to hear about everyones chatroom get togethers. This one sounds really speacial and filled with lots of history lessons. I love that! Mo you sure are a great tour guide along with all your other talents. I hope to meet you in person one day.