Friday, July 29, 2005

The horse situation around here

I love pink-and-blue sunrises like this.  I was going to take pictures of our current horse situation, but realized it's still too dark... and I'm in the mood to blog about the horses NOW.  (By the time I got done with this entry, it was light enough to take the pictures you see above.)

Blue was the only horse on the place for over a year.  Then my daughter acquired her Arabian, and there were two.  After that one reared and fell on me (God was watching out for me; I shudder when I realize the many things that could have happened), I bought a very old horse down the road from here, at a pretty low price, so I could ride safely alongside children when they rode my Blue.

The trouble with old Crook, who was totally deaf, and blind in one eye, was that he refused to blend in with the other horses.  It's a thing you'd have to have seen to understand... but horses have their "pecking order" and Crook just would not give an inch.  Perhaps that was a result of his having been away from other horses for twelve years prior to coming here.

One thing I have learned in my sixty-one years is that there is a time to cut your losses.  So I found a buyer for Crook (I got less than half what I paid) and the equines remaining around here get along. 

Oh, our neighbor, David, is pasturing his mare on our property now, too; he lets Cliff use his barn for storage in trade for the use of our pasture.  We are also renting pasture by the month to a young local fellow, Adam, who wanted to get his horse closer to his home two miles from here.  So there are four horses on the place, three of which we'll be feeding this winter.

Welcome to horse country. 


marainey1 said...

So sad your 'old fella' couldn't blend in, but you still have your Blue.  The sundrise pic is beautiful.  God is so awesome to provide such miracles for us everyday ! I'm just a city girl and miss out so much of what you all see in the country.  Have a great day ! 'On Ya'  - ma

debbted said...

Good morning~I really enjoy my visits to horse country and I thank you! The sky photograph is wonderful; I love the hues of pink and blue mixed together also...The e-mail you shared is one of my favs on my saved list; I thought it explains friendships so well and gives permission to "go with the flow" and let go of the expectation that all friendships be "keepers". Blessings, Sassy 0:-)

cyandfayedavis said...

Glad you explained about Old Crook.  I looked at the pictures first and was missing him.  I sure was hoping he would work out but as you said "You have to know when to walk away".

astaryth said...

<LOL> That seems to be the way with horses and cats... one always turns into two that turns into three...... I keep my 'horse population' down to one by boarding Boo. First, I can only afford to board the one horse, and second I get to spend time with all of the other horses at the barn (who I take care of every Sunday), thus fulfilling my need for 'more'!

csandhollow said...

Too bad about Crock. That buckskin looks nice.