Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ah, the heat goes on....

I've been babysitting two granddaughters for the past week.  Like most of the world, they're used to air conditioning.  So the heat is rough on them here.  They tucked themselves away in my little air-conditioned bedroom for hours, once they were back from morning vacation Bible School, watching cartoons.

They'll spend next week at Carthage with their up-to-date, air-conditioned grandma.  Hopefully by the time they come back here, it will have cooled down.  All the long-range forecasts say it's going to cool down considerably Tuesday, and stay 90 or below for the next few days, at least.  There's even a chance of rain, which we desperately need.

Cliff and I went to Adrian to a tractor show today.  We were there for perhaps two hours.  It's surprising how many people were willing to get out in the 100 degree heat; the grounds were crowded.  Our friends Joyce and Don, who were with us last weekend for the "Internet friends" reunion, were also there.  It's always good to see them.

Then we spent a couple of hours in the Family Center, a store in Harrisonville we both love; Cliff heads toward the tools and farm supplies, I look at all the "pretties" you can hang on your walls, and put on shelves.  Then I come home and search Ebay, where I find them for much lower prices (although I usually don't buy them).  They had a glider I'd love to have, marked down to $99.  But I hate to spend that much on a whim.

We're eating tomatoes like crazy... BLT's for breakfast, tomatoes and Ranch dressing for lunch, salad with plenty of tomatoes for supper.  You can't buy good tomatoes in the grocery store, so we enjoy them homegrown while we can.  My five vines are producing plenty for us and our daughter's family, too.


fierrorachel said...

Those tomatoes are the best!  The ones from the store taste, they taste like nothing.  There IS no taste.  My girls have nothing but good to say about the week at your house, so the heat must not bother them too bad, right?  

lmitc89854 said...

I thought having air conditioning was not necessary too until about 15 years ago when my husband got heart disease and his doctor told him it was better for him to have less humidity in the air he breathed. We lived in a log house and had an above ground pool and every night we would float in the water about 10:30 for a half an hour and we would sleep just fine. But we did give in and put a air conditioner in and then we stopped being outside so much, and stopped swimming every night. That's why todays houses don't have the big old front porches too.

toonguykc said...

I called my folks yesterday just to make sure they weren't outside.  Of course my pa (age 77) was in his metal shop doing some damn thing.  I made both of them promise to stay indoors with the AC on because I don't want to be an orphan right now.

marainey1 said...

I haven't had any fresh tomatoes yet, although they are on the stands along the road.  I think they are from southern Ohio , as our own gardens haven't ripened yet.  I don't envy you in that heat - we're supposed to have 100 degrees here today ! I'll be in the a/c all day !  'On Ya'  - ma

bookncoffee said... you do have a little a/c going on somewhere when you need it.  That's good the grandaughters have a place to go when it's hot.  I remember visiting my grandmother when there was no a/c.  There were lots of shady places, homemade lemonade, and breezes coming thru the open windows (most of the time).  I remember wanting to visit the lady down the lane b/c they had a/c.  
Home grown "maters" are so good.  We have had a few lately (that others have grown).  Have a great Sunday.

ryanagi said...

You are right about tomatoes. The ones in the supermarket are pretty tasteless. I love my MIL's home grown ones.