Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The last day spent with my Internet friends

We started our Sunday activities by eating at First Watch, highly recommended by Cliff's co-workers.  All I can say is, it's a breakfast-lover's delight!  They only serve breakfast, brunch and lunch.  Anybody familiar with them?  I can assure you they haven't heard the last of me.

Then on to Kansas City's City Market, where I had samples of the best watermelon I've tasted this year.  Unfortunately, by the time we were ready to head home, those venders were gone.

The Steamship Arabia Museum, I felt, was the highlight of all our sight-seeing.  Be sure and check out their website HERE

Wow, the weekend flew by.  I had a great time with some wonderful folks, and got to see local sights I'd never visited before.

I learned a few facts about Scotland, too: 

 Except for one tiny, harmless variety, there are no snakes there. 

Although they don't have tornadoes or hurricanes, they sometimes have 90-mile-per-hour winds.  There's one suspension bridge that is designed to flex and move a little, but when winds get that high, they have to close the bridge.

80 degrees is considered hot in Scotland.

You think our gas is high?  Try triple or quadruple that amount.  However, the Scots drive cars that get better than 40 mpg.  Oh, and don't even ask what cigarettes cost in Scotland.

That's just a sampling of things I learned.


madcobug said...

Great photos, Sounds as you had a great time. Helen

msecz said...

I bet you made friends for life now for sure.... memories worth a million too. Sandra

tendernoggle said...

wow!!! Loved the facts about Scotland! Very interesting.... gee wish we didn't have tornadoes and it sure must be nice to have a high of 80!!!!
Glad yall were able to have so much fun!!

csandhollow said...

O gee. Now I am hungry!

toonguykc said...

I bet my dad and Cliff would get along great.  I took the folks to the Arabia museum and my pa could just not get enough of it -- he knew what every little rusted metal thing had been used for 'back in the day'.