Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My first grandchild (another family entry)

I have to say I was not thrilled to learn, at age forty-two, that my eighteen-year-old son was going to become a daddy; I was still dealing with the fact that he'd be going into the Army, for heaven's sake!

When Arick was born, Kat wasn't done with high school, so she got a babysitter for her infant son.  He cried all the time (exactly as his daddy had done as a baby) and went through at least three babysitters in a couple weeks' time.  Finally I said, "OK... pay me whatever you are paying them, and I'll watch him."  Honestly, I was afraid someone would lose patience with my squalling grandchild and hurt him!

For some reason, I used to call Arick "Baby Boy", and he responded to that as though it were his name.  I recall, near Mother's Day, teaching him to say "momma" by putting my lips against his cheek and saying it.  He was barely six months old at the time, but he picked it right up.  His vocal skills were always amazing to me. 

He and his mom joined Jim in Germany when he was about six months old.  It broke mine and Cliff's hearts.  We didn't see him again until he was two, and here's what he looked like when he returned to the USA:

Arick had gotten over his constant crying, but he was a high-energy child who craved lots of attention.  I will always say that nobody has ever loved me as whole-heartedly and unreservedly as Arick did at age two.  One time I left for work at a local orchard on my bike without kissing him goodbye; Kat said he cried for an hour afterward.

I recall looking out the window one morning with two-year-old Arick at my side, and making the remark, "Hey, it's raining... it wasn't supposed to rain today."

"Maybe God shanged His mind," Arick innocently replied.

He's nineteen now, and still affectionate and free with his hugs.  I try not to know too much about his life because teenagers can drive you crazy with worry.  I just enjoy him the best I can.  I cherish every memory of my very first grandbaby.


gaboatman said...

I am able this summer to spend time with Trenton, my six year old grandson.  I know now what you mean when you say you cherish every moment with your grandson.  I do the same with mine.

marainey1 said...

He looks like an Angel.  I bet he's a handsome man now !  My oldest grandchild is going to be 13 in April.  Her daddy was in the Navy and at 18 called home to let me know he was married.  Wow !  what a surprise !!!  We just enjoy them while we can !  ' On Ya'  - ma

hmkaavila2 said...

awww I was one of THE favorite grandson. My grandma passed 2 years ago..it took me months to get over it....When I joined the navy ..she cried..when i finished college she gave me my grand daddys cross necklace. I just now had a son and she didnt get to see him...but I know shes there in spirit..~Andrew

cyandfayedavis said...

Of my eighteen grandchildren, I have that special feeling for one of them.  I think it comes from being able to spend a lot of bonding time with him when he was a baby.  This binds your hearts forever.

plieck30 said...

A darling little boy, reminds me of my own first grandson Corey. Paula

sam7md2 said...

What a beautiful child, Mo.  You are absolutely right.  There is nothing like that first grandchild.  My first grandson, Nick was born in 1975 and I didn't have another grandchild until 1979, when his brother was born.  I enjoyed him so much and still do.  He's still number 1 and most likely will always be!  
Thanks for sharing!.......Love, Sam