Wednesday, July 6, 2005

our rental place

We put this mobile home here for my mom and dad to live in, back in 1986 when we first learned Daddy had lung cancer.  Daddy passed away in 1987, and Mother continued to live here until she decided she needed to move into a facility for old folks... I think about six years ago. 

We debated about what we'd do with the trailor:  My only chance of an unimpeded view from my house is in that direction.  I used to be able to see the sun coming up there.  I have houses around me in every direction except north, and Cliff's shop blocks that view.

Since our finances were tight, we decided to try renting the place out, although we had our doubts.  After all, the front door of the trailor is only about 30 yards from the door we use in and out of our house.  And what if we got the kind of renters that don't pay their rent, but refuse to move out when you ask them?

A family of four ended up moving there.  Dad was (and still is) a trucker, so he was seldom home.  The boy was nine, I believe; and the girl was eleven.  It's a small mobile home with only two bedrooms, and we didn't expect them to be there long.  We had a "no pets" rule, but that ended when they found a kitten in the middle of the road somewhere, and the daughter asked Cliff if she could keep it in their house.

Later on, we realized that we'd be getting rid of the dumpy-looking trailor once they left, anyhow; so we gave them permission to have a Mini-pin.  Before long, they added yet another, much-larger, dog to their household.

They're still here.  For the most part, they've paid the $275 monthly rent on time; when they couldn't, they'd pay half of it, and give us the remainder the next week.

However, that $275 is seeming  like less all the time.  The kids are older now, and other kids gather in their yard, hanging around until 10 PM and later.  I can't wear just my nightgown to go out to my barn in the dark, because I never know who's outside.  If someone in my house raises her voice (no, Cliff and I don't fight, but he's almost deaf, and I have to yell sometimes to get him to hear me) anything we say is liable to be reported around the neighborhood.

I want my privacy.  I want to look out my bedroom window and see the sun coming up again.  I want my home back.


starstarj said...

If you don't NEED the money (and the amount you are charging is darn cheap) and your privacy and the view is more important it will be an easy answer. I would know that my privacy is more important.

msecz said...

sounds like they are going to stay for awhile...where is the dad now? you said he "was" a truck driver... sounds interesting but a little close. Hard to kick someone out though. I bet you didn't think they would stay as long... you didn't say, are they nice? Do you sit and chat with the mother? Just wondering, Sandra

skisseberth said...

hmmmm....let's see now......maybe give them 3 months notice, and tell them they can take the house with them.....for ...say a couple thousand ?  They would have to find a lot to put it on, but they could keep there home, and you would get your view ! :)   Sounds to simple..... lol.  It will all work out, one way or the other.

debbted said...

Hiya Mosie~I can understand your wanting your privacy. I need my space too just as my Mom does also. Glad you got to see all your family for the reunion. I like the poem (or song) above..TC & God Bless, Sassy ;-)

ryanagi said...

Sounds like it's time to raise the rent. When ever their lease is up (I sure hope you have them sign an annual lease) tell them their rent will increase 20%. That is pretty standard. If they don't like it, tell them they have 90 days notice to move out. You are the landlord and it's your property. Don't be too nice. ;-)

astaryth said...

I like the idea the commenter below had of offering to sell them the trailer cheap, but they would have to move it. Geez, check around, it might be cheaper for you to give the trailer to them than to move it yourself <g>. Either way, I think it's time you got your yard back!

bnanajm said...

$275 a month is nothing.  Double the rent and how fast they move.



cyandfayedavis said...

How many sunrises do you have left.  Not enough, I'll bet if you love them like I do.  And would you sell 30 or 31 of them for $275.00?  I'm no financial wizard and certainly not an advisor.  I just LOVE sunrises.  They are so fresh, so new, so beautiful and so close to God.  

bookncoffee said...

Good luck.   I suppose you could follow the appropriate laws and give them approprite notice and go from there.  I'm sure it's not that easy.