Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Answers to "the quiz"

So, here are the answers, in detail, to "the quiz".  And listen, even Cliff couldn't get some of these answers!

1.  What is my hobby?  The correct answer was D, all of the above.  That's why I never get any housework done.  I have to keep up with my hobbies.

2.  How many horses have I owned in my life?  1.  My first horse was Ginger, a silly, green-broke thing whose ignorance was only exceeded by mine.  2.  Then we bought a lovely unbroken dapple-gray Walking Horse filly whose name escapes me.  Cliff was going to try and break her, but every time he sat on her, she laid down.  We sold her to a neighbor, old Mr. Jackson.  3.  Shortly thereafter we bought an ancient Tennessee Walker, Old Gray.  She was homely because of her age, but she had a wonderfully smooth walk.  I recall putting my daughter behind the saddle, and the two of us riding to the butcher shop where Cliff worked (my son was in kindergarten at the time).  4.  Years later, we saw a bargain horse in the Kansas City Star want ads.  That was Lad, a Foxtrotter.  He was a real treasure: intelligent, loving, and loads of fun.   I only sold him because I  was holding down a job and didn't feel I was riding him enough.  5.  Six years ago, I felt an urgent need to have a horse again, mainly because a friend of mine had a stroke, and that made me realize that I wasn't going to be able to ride a horse forever.  So I  spent a ton of Cliff's  hard-earned money on a registered  Tennessee Walker named Pleasure Boy.  The local  Walking-horse breeder from whom I bought him, sold him for me when I  felt I  wasn't riding enough.  6.  Three years ago (or so)  I  wanted a horse again.   But I wanted one reliable enough so that  others  could  enjoy him (unlike Pleasure Boy).  Thanks to a coworker at Kohl's, I found  a treasure in  "Boogies  Midnight Rhythm  Blues",  a registered  Missouri  Foxtrotter.   You know him as Blue.  7.   I  thought it would  be nice to have a  second horse,  so someone  could ride with  me at  times.   I bought  "Crook",  otherwise known as  "the old  man".   Big  mistake,  and I cut my losses  quickly.   8.   In the Kansas City Star ads online last November, I spotted a bay Foxtrotter filly for $150.  That's Libby.  Bless her spoiled little heart, I love her dearly.
So I've had eight horses.  I did not count two that have been here that belonged to my daughter.

3.  Where would I live if I couldn't live in Missouri?  Colorado, you bet your sweet bippy.  I LOVE Colorado.

4.  Where was I born?  In Iowa, but it wasn't long until my parents moved back to God's country, their home state:  Missouri

5.  Cliff and I bought this place the year before our country's big bicentennial celebration.  1975

6.  We have four kinds of domesticated animals:  a dog, cats, horses, and a calf.  I hope to have chickens soon, although I'm afraid Marvin's dogs will kill them.  So I'm still thinking about it.

7.  My middle name, sadly, is Margaleen.  My mom had a friend by that name. 

8.  We own somewhere around 42 acres.

9.  I love most food, but my favorite is Pizza Hut Super Supreme Pan Pizza.

10.  I like mashed taters with milk gravy better than baked, fried, or scalloped potatoes.

And there you have it!


csandhollow said...

I got all the food answers right. LOL

robinngabster said...

I would have guessed Mexican food was your favorite!

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh!  I love your middle name!

lanurseprn said...

Well I missed a couple of them!

astaryth said...

I didn't get a chance to take your quiz... I think real life is cutting waaaay into my cyberlife <LOL>.