Friday, March 9, 2007

a poem received in e-mail

I received this poem in e-mail from an Internet friend, Linda:

                              HEART OF A HORSE

When your day seems out of balance
And so many things go wrong.
When people fight around you,

And the day drags on so long...

When parents act like children
In-Laws make you think "Divorce,"
Go out into your pasture...
Wrap your arms around your horse.

His gentle breath enfolds you,
As he watches with those eyes...
He may not have a Ph.D.,
But he is oh, so wise!

His head rests on your shoulder
You embrace him good and tight;
He puts your world in balance,
And makes it seem all right.

Your tears will soon stop flowing,
The tension is now eased.
The garbage has been lifted
You'll be quiet and at peace.

So when you need the balance
From circumstances in your day
The best therapy you can seek-
Is out there chomping hay!

~Author unknown


ksquester said...

LOVE IT!   Anne

lanurseprn said...

OMG this is sooooo good!  

plieck30 said...

Awww how nice. Paula

ora4uk said...

That is a great poem...and I have found it works with your cat or your dog too....Hugs from KY....Ora

bhbner2him said...

Great poem!  So much comfort can flow to us from God through an animal.  ;o)  -  Barbara

bojgill4375 said...

Very cute poem. My Sam would lay his head on my shoulder. I love animals.  Have a great weekend. Janie  

hestiahomeschool said...

awwww...this is wonderful

randlprysock said...


suzypwr said...

That is a very pretty poem :)